indri Namespace Reference

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namespace  api

Indri API classes for interacting with indri collections.

namespace  atomic

Atomic actions for thread support.

namespace  collection

document manager and ancillary collection components.

namespace  file

Filesystem interaction and file-based storage classes.

namespace  index

index construction and interaction components

namespace  infnet

Inference net and inference net node classes.

namespace  lang

Indri query language nodes and support classes.

namespace  net

indri network components

namespace  parse

File input, parsing, stemming, and stopping classes.

namespace  query

indri query processing and scoring components.

namespace  server

Indri query server classes.

namespace  thread

Thread and threading support classes.

namespace  utility

Utility classes for indri components.

namespace  xml

XML support classes.

Detailed Description

namespaces within the indri system

Top level namespace for all indri components.

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